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Cuvee Chocolate 70gm
Chocolate could melt in freight.
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Bianco -  30% White Chocolate.
Best Matches: NV, Matilda and Yvette Sparkling, Oakdene Rosé, Oakdene Late Harvest Riesling

Soleo -  38% Cocoa Milk Chocolate.
Best Matches: Oakdene NV Sparkling, Matilda Sparkling, Oakdene Late Harvest Riesling, Liz's Chardonnay and Jessica Sauvignon.

Amphora - 65% Dark Chocolate.
Best Matches: Peta's Pinot Noir, William Shiraz, Oakdene Pinot Noir.

Grand Cru - 75% Dark Chocolate.
Best Matches:  Bernard's Cabernets, William Shiraz, Oakdene Shiraz.

Noir -  80% Dark Chocolate.
Best Matches: Bernard's Cabernets, William Shiraz, Oakdene Shiraz.